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Flood Alert Monitoring

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Monitoring for floods requires monitoring of water level, current, and precipitation to record and trigger an alert based on these parameters. The YSI family of companies manufacture and can help in choosing the right sensor all of the way down to installing and maintaining the systems. The technology implemented in the Flood Alert Kits has been used by all major US government monitoring agencies including the USGS and US Army Corp of Engineers, except has been preconfigured and packaged will all the programming and mounting accessories to get the system installed and transmitting.

Survey in site elevation for flood alert level reference
Survey in site elevation for flood alert level referenceSurvey in site elevation for flood alert level reference Inital stages of flood event, alert goes out to public onlineInital stages of flood event, alert goes out to public online During the flood event current meter monitors velocity and dischargeDuring the flood event current meter monitors velocity and discharge

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Components of a Flood Alert System

    1 - Water Level

    Depending on the accuracy and installation location there are 4 methods for measuring water level in a flood alert system.  These include submersible pressure sensor,  bubbler system, shaft encoder, and the latest technology a non-contact radar level system.  The pre-configured kits are available with each technology except the shaft encoder, which requires more components to get started.

    2 - Precipitation

    In most flood alert systems rain precipitation is an early warning trigger to flood events.  To measure rainfall a tipping bucket rain gauge is most typically used.  The tipping bucket rain gauge features and SDI-12 output to make integration and troubleshooting the system rather simple.  It gets installed to a flat fixed structure, included in the kit is mounting brackets for securing to a flat platform or concrete pad.  Optionally a stand may be fabricated to hold the system off the ground and installed in a post hole with concrete footing.

    3 – Discharge

    For many applications measuring water level may be sufficient for determining discharge calculated off of water level.  This process requires several service visits to develop a rating curve correlating water level to total water discharge.  For systems that are not gravity fed or may have variable backwater water level alone won’t work for calculating the volume of water in a stream.  For these applications an acoustic Doppler instrument can be installed to provide accurate velocity information to calculate discharge.

    4- Transmit the information

    Transmitting and alarming is perhaps one of the most important components of a flood warning system.  There are three primary options available in the complete flood monitoring kit including: 1- data to the web, 2 – ALERTS network transmissions, 3- point to point data to the desktop.  Each of these options are available pre-configured to get the data out to the people who need to act on it.

    5 - Installation and Maintenance

    Our local offices in over 16 locations around the world are able to go beyond the instrument sale with help installing and maintaining your site.  Whether it's building a stationary monitoring platform or rountine calibration and maintenance, YSI Integrated Systems & Services has the expertise to deliver reliable and cost effective services.


    Level Depth Conductivity Salinity Temperature WIPS

    WIPS - Level, CTD

    Level, depth, conductivity, salinity, and temperature measurements for long term deployment of more than a year. The system is housed in a NEMA-6P enclosure rated for submersible events. Battery operated and does not require external power such as solar panels.





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